Shot Lists and the 3-Tier System – Just Shoot It #4

Today we talk directing, shot listing, and Oren’s three tiered philosophy for staying artistically fulfilled and motivated when directing. We can’t say that it’ll solve all of your problems, but we’re not saying it wont!

Check out Oren’s Sample Shot Lists, Storyboards, and Final Videos below!

Block Shooting
Artemis App
Naming Shots
Tony Zhou: Every Frame a Painting
The Director Series on Vimeo

House of Thrones – Quiznos Parody

Dark Side – Mattel Hot Wheels Darth Car Promo

The Waze Runner – Quiznos Parody

Pipe Dreams – Quiznos :30 Spot

Startourage – Quiznos Parody

Send your thoughts and/or materials on preparing for shoots to and we’ll review it on the podcast.

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