How to Direct on Set for a Smooth Edit – Just Shoot It #16

In the 16th episode of Just Shoot It Oren goes through his favorite ideas of what to do on set so that your editor has options in post. We also discuss listener questions and set etiquette. Buckle in.

– Chad Vader

– Quiznos Burn Trials

– Set Etiquette

– Directing for a Smooth Edit

1. Technical Stuff

* Slate in the first frame

* 180 degree rule

* shooting inserts

*  “operate a little bit more”

2. Bonus Shots

* At the end of a take, pan over to get some reactions and bits and pieces

* Article about There Will Be Blood inconsistent lighting

3. Coming into a shot

* Move the camera at the opening of a shot

4. Think of Sound

* Record walla in the environment

* Record foley with the props that you have

– Gino Roy’s Previous work for Disney (Blank)

– Unpaid Endorsements

* Do NOT Buy Mad Max Fury Road

* Hannah Lux Davis

* Music Libraries

+ Extreme Music

+ Audio Jungle

+ Premium Beat

+ Killer Tracks

+ Audio Socket

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