How to Act in an Audition: Just Shoot It #26

This is a must for actors and directors alike.

Join our roundtable discussion with directors Matt Pollock, Eric Kissack and Liz Manashil along with hosts Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplan as they explore what directors are looking for (and what mistakes we make) in the audition process.

This is a great episode for actors curious about auditioning, so share it with a friend!

Unpaid endorsements:

Matt Enlow: the podcast I Was there Too

Oren: Rocket Jump the Show

Liz Manashil: Volunteering at the Echo Park Film Center and going to see young filmmakers work.

Eric: Slate Political Gabfest podcast

Matt Pollock: Tv show Man Seeking Woman and FX Now.

Editor Eric Cripeau: The Q & A podcast

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