The Art of Double Dipping & How to Collaborate – Just Shoot It #40

Matt and Oren discuss what it means to “double dip” – to work two jobs simultaneously, and what to do when two collaborators don’t see eye to eye on the artistic vision of a project.

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Unpaid Endorsements

Matt: IndiewireDaniels’ Nike Olympics Commerical: How They Brought ‘Swiss Army Man’ Weirdness to Network TV

Oren: Plugins to manage your tab-hoarding tendencies: The Great Suspender and One Tab.

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  1. Looks like my prev comment was deleted, so apologize if it double-posts.. Anyway, great, informative podcast. You guys’ exchanges, challenges and solutions working as writers and directors in the industry are very illuminating and helpful for budding writer/directors out here. Thanks and keep it up!


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