Yulin Kuang Ships It – Just Shoot It #51

Yulin Kuang is director and creator of the Streamy Award winning series I Ship It. She knows how to turn her nerdiness into a super power, and she can help you! Fandom, twitter, and networking secrets await on episode 51 of Just Shoot It.

Check out I Ship It here:


Yulin’s unpaid endorsement:
The Bullet Journaling tag on tumblr (and organizational systems in general)

Oren Kaplan:
Shoot establishing shots

and Matt:
The best Zojirushi thermos.
Follow @YulinKuang and, as always, follow @MrMattEnlow and Oren @SmiteyPieLeg on twitter.

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Music was provided by the free music archive and by Jahzzar.

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