Pitching Shows, Stunts & Diversity – Just Shoot It 64

In this episode we answer some listener questions and have a closer look at jobs that we have both previously done. We also talk about where we are at ‘head space’ wise in our careers and discuss how we are developing our projects. 2017 is a really strange year, fallout from the election seems to be stealing people’s motivation but things seem to be starting to return to normal and we are getting calls about jobs, which will be the main topic of conversation today.

Unpaid endorsements

Episode of the Planet Money podcast from NPR, episode 650 called “The Business Genius Behind Get Out”. They talk about the model that Jason Blum has run with recently who does movies like Insidious, Paranormal Activity, Get Out and Whiplash. Not that different to the Indie models we talk about all the time.

Video on Vimeo called “Notes on a Case of Nicholas Gurewitch”. It is about Nicholas Gurewitch, the creator of the comic The Perry Bible Fellowship. Started life as a newspaper comic strip and blew up from there. First came across him in San Francisco at the Museum of Comic Arts. This video though is a documentary on how he has been working on a book obsessively for years now that he Kickstarted. He applies ink to a page and meticulously etches it off to create the images as opposed to drawing the images normally.

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Just Shoot it is a podcast about filmmaking directing, indie filmmaking, director, podcast, filmmaker, career advice, hollywood and how to be a director.

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