How Important is the Director’s Original Vision? – Just Shoot It 76

In this episode we discuss what that means to have a vision as a director, how you communicate it to your cast and crew and what the validity is of having a vision. We also spend some time answering a series of listener questions before hitting up our usual unpaid endorsements segment.

So what are you working on Matt? Matt is deep in various levels of production at the moment including post. Has been working on commercials, finished a series but has also been trying to enjoy summer! Caught some movies and generally hanging out with people over coffee etc. Went and saw the 1st Harry Potter movie as well as Goodfellas. Matt is feeling recharged and ready to go with his next projects starting to solidify – lots of meetings and phone calls.

How about you Oren? Went and saw Coming to America at the cemetary – yup you read that right. According to Oren, that movie holds up really well! Had a shoot for Converse, 10 spots over 4 days. Three days before those 4 days it was Labour Day weekend and they had to build all the sets and complete pre-production work. Holidays are a very low priority in the industry, as many of you would understand.

During the first 15 minutes or so of this episode we discuss commercial production with regards to Oren’s Converse commercials and the catalyst for this particular topic.

Oren pitched an idea that seemed to satisfy all the criteria needed, and he felt comfortable in his ability to pull it off.

He made the decision to pivot his vision and adopt more of their Production Designers approach after having his own ideas originally.

Oren commented that when he was making YouTube videos back in the day he had more control and vision. Nowadays he finds himself shooting more coverage and being opportunistic.

Matt said sometimes people that are working with you ask about your vision, as they are trying to understand what to give you, and what is good or bad about their own work. Listen to the first ~35 minutes of this episode to get the full story.

As it turns out, everyone is making Matt look bad. His estimate of how many people would email them from Episode 73 has been squashed. On top of that, the submissions have been fantastic and have been forwarded on to Oren’s manager Jacob as promised.

Listener Questions

How to share big files? Matt and Oren both use Dropbox, but discuss how to share things to various people including their use of Vimeo, Google Docs

How do you keep track of different schedules / different calendars for all your projects? Google Calendar lets you create a dedicated calendar for a particular project. Also enables the ability to sync with other people so you’re all on the same page.

How much money should i save up to move to LA? Listen from around 40 minutes onwards to find out the answer. The best estimate though is about $10K to give yourself 3 to 4 months to live on.

What should my first course of action be when i move to LA? Make friends with everybody and try and get some entry level jobs, listen to the whole answer from roughly 45 minutes onwards

Do you know many others like me that have discovered film ‘later’ in life? You have nothing to be concerned about, you’re 22! But an ‘outsiders’ perspective is not a bad thing. You can hear this with all the other listener questions during the second half of the episode.

Unpaid endorsements – Our old editor’s company has some great trailers now. You can check out the 12 Feet Deep trailers that Oren spoke about by visiting this link

Ozark on Netflix has been getting some of Oren’s attention now that Game Of Thrones has finished for the year. See the trailer below

Chrome browser – if you get the Dinosaur for no internet and hit space bar, it turns into a video game. Matt uses it to take his mind off things while writing, before getting back into it.

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