Attaching Big Names To Your First Feature w Director Kendall Goldberg – Just Shoot It 160

This week writer-director Kendall Goldberg tells a classic tale of just shooting it. Tune in to learn what it took for her to make her first feature, When Jeff Tried to Save the World, starring John Heder of Napoleon Dynamite. You can check out more of Kendall’s work at


Unpaid Endorsements

Oren – Sorry To Bother You movie


Oren – Free Solo movie


Oren – Somm wine documentary


Kendall – Cofax has an amazing breakfast burrito



Kendall – PEN15 Hulu TV show


Matt – Jen Bartel Illustrations; @heyjenbartel on Twitter

Special Recs
  • Drinking Buddies movie
  • Awesome Film Festivals – Heartland, Sarasota, IFF Boston, Twin Cities, Tallgrass, Sidewalk, Bentonville
  • Bru Coffeebar
  • Jim Cummings, writer/director of Thunder Road

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