Protecting Your Time w Filmmaking Entrepreneur Noam Kroll – Just Shoot It 163

Today we are joined by Renaissance Man Noam Kroll ( Noam is a writer, director, editor, colorist, blogger, AND podcaster who just wrapped his second feature, Psychosynthesis. Here he tells us how he balances tech with art, and also shares some strategies he’s developed to build a sustainable career.

Unpaid endorsements

Oren – Google Maps Set Reminder, set what time you want to arrive someplace

Matt – Criterion Channel streaming service; Apple TV

Noam – MUBI: Watch and Discover Movies

Noam – The light phone, the anti-smartphone


Special Recs

Company of One: Why Staying Small Is The Next Big Thing For Business book
Indie Film Hustle blog
The Artist’s Way book
Wefunder: Invest in Startups You Love – Equity Crowdfunding
1,000 True Fans article

You can find out more about Noam by visiting his website or view some of his work on Vimeo


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