Confessions of a Sundance/Slamdance Programmer w Drea Clark – Just Shoot It 170

This week we have on Drea Clark, producer and programmer extraordinaire! For thirteen years she was the Head of Feature Programming at Slamdance, and now she programs for Sundance. Today she talks about the many do’s and don’t’s of applying to these top festivals, as well as how years of festival experience has helped her pick projects to produce. If you like what you hear in this episode, you can check out Drea’s podcasts, “Who Shot Ya?” ( and “Ticklish Business” (
This week we also brought back our Callsheet segment, where we talk about hidden jobs in the filmmaking industry. Todays guest is Elena White, who writes commercials treatments for directors bidding on commercial jobs.
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Drea – Google Maps does an underwater street view of the Barrier Reef in Australia

Matt – “It’s Been Too Long” short film

It’s Been Too Long from Amber Schaefer on Vimeo.

Oren – Stay Tuned With Preet podcast. “Laws of Language” episode, released June 6th

Image result for Stay Tuned With Preet podcast

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Music was provided by the free music archive and by Jahzzar.

Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing, filmmaking and storytelling. Each week we interview your directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, and actors, and learn how they became successful, working content creators. We’re all about getting off your butt and making your own videos. We’ll share tips and stories of how people in the entertainment industry forced their ways into sustainable careers.

Matt Enlow is a director working in comedy. His website is

Oren Kaplan is a director and VFX artist who has directed the theatrical feature, The Hammer, a Lifetime movie, and countless branded content videos. His website is

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