Master of the Bootleg Universe w Adi Shankar – Just Shoot It 102

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Adi Shankar is the producer of Studio Films such as The Grey, Dredd, and A Walk Among the Tombstones. But he gained notoriety by releasing his own bootleg fan films based on The Punisher, Venom, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now he has directed new series for Netflix and talks about his don’t-wait-for-permission philosophy behind making the projects that get him excited.

Directing for SNL with Paul Briganti – Just Shoot It 83


Live from Matt’s apartment, it’s Paul Briganti! Since we last sat down with Paul he’s directed a pair of pilots, a feature, and has started his second season of Saturday Night Live. We’ll learn what it takes to put up a cinematic, hilarious sketch once a week in one of the most famously high-pressure comedy environments of all time. It’s a great peek behind the curtain at SNL, from a director’s perspective.

Everything About Making Commercials – Just Shoot It 81

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Have you ever been curious about how commercials get made? Who does what? Who’s in charge of who? Where do the ideas come from? Whats the difference between a CE a VP or a DP? Matt and Oren (mostly Oren) go DEEP into the details of how a commercial gets made from start to finish. This is a must for anyone serious about making it in the world of commercials.

Just Shoot It Now on Reddit


Hey Just Shoot It Fam*,

Oren and I were looking for a better way for the Just Shoot It community to share links, news and their latest projects with each other.

So, we started our very own Subreddit.

Go check it out, share a few of your fav episodes, your projects, etc. Get in the mix and help grow this thing. And if you’re a real reddit-head, drop us a line. What are we doing wrong? What are we doing right? Do you wanna help mod? Matt (me) is a real dummy when it comes to Reddit, so…

Any other suggestions on how to grow the community?

Drop us a line on twitter. @mrmattenlow will read it, but may not respond. @SmiteyPieLeg wont read it, but if he somehow does, he’ll respond with like, way too much, in his co-host’s opinion. It’ll be a little overwhelming.

*Also, we should come up with a better way to refer to the community. Now taking suggestions.