Making a TV Show in the Big Leagues w Shondaland’s Alison Eakle – Just Shoot It 155

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In our final episode of Development Month, we are joined by Alison Eakle, Head of Fiction and Non Fiction at Shondaland. As a producer at one of the most successful network television empires, Alison has brought us shows like How to Get Away with Murder, The Catch, Still Star-Crossed, Station 19, and For The People. She shares what it’s like to make a Shondaland show, and also gives us details on Shondaland’s shift from ABC over to Netflix.

Launching a Digital Network w New Form CEO Kathleen Grace – Just Shoot It 154

development month, directing, episode, Interview, Producing

In episode three of Development Month, New Form CEO Kathleen Grace stops by to tell us about the creating digital content for the mobile first generation. As CEO, Kathleen has developed and produced 43 pilots, with 23 projects being sold into series to TBS, go90, Freeform, CW The Seed, Refinery29, and many more. She tells us the story of how she launched New Form and what makes for interesting digital content.

Selling Your Script to IFC w Original Programming Exec David Person – Just Shoot It 153

development month, directing, episode, Interview

Development Month continues on with episode number two! This week we are joined by David Person, a development exec in original programming for IFC TV. He talks to us about what it takes to get a comedy show onto IFC and what makes for a strong development exec.

Developing your TV Show with AMC Exec Carrie Gillogly – Just Shoot It 152

development month, directing, episode, Interview

AMC TV Exec Carrie Gillogly swings by to tell us about selecting TV shows for development. She also talks about shepherding a script through the development process, and where you should put your energy when submitting your work. This is a killer episode if you have a TV pilot and want to learn what a development exec is looking for when reading scripts.

The Greener Grass of Sundance with Dawn Luebbe and Jocelyn DeBoer – Just Shoot It 151

directing, episode, Interview

Fresh off their debut feature premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, dynamic directing duo Dawn and Jocelyn sit down with us to chat about their inspiration, off-kilter tone, and persistence got their first movie, Greener Grass, into the premiere festival of America.

Directing Horror Movies & Passion Projects w Director Darren Lynn Bousman of Saw II, III, IV & actress Sabrina Kern – Just Shoot It 150

directing, episode, Interview

In this Episode, Matt and Oren answer a listener question about relationships with production companies. What happens when they decide to hire a different director? Should you take it personally? Learn how to stay friends with the people who hire you.

From Russia with Puns (Filming in Foreign Land) – Just Shoot It 147

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In this episode we peek behind the Iron Curtain as Matt comes at us live from his hotel room in Russia! Join us for an episode all about filming abroad and in another language. Matt and Oren dig deep into what it’s like to film with translators and how to avoid a “more intensity” situation.


Hollywood Stunt Photography and Commercial Directing w Greg Baldi – Just Shoot It 146

directing, episode, Interview

Greg Baldi sits down with Matt and Oren to discuss balancing a career as a second-unit DP on action films with commercial directing. He’s shot on tons of Hollywood movies (Avengers, Jurassic World, The Dark Knight Rises, Drive) and also specializes in directing car commercials. Get the down low on how he’s managed to do it all.
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