How Important is the Director’s Original Vision? – Just Shoot It 76

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In this episode we discuss what that means to have a vision as a director, how you communicate it to your cast and crew and what the validity is of having a vision. We also spend some time answering a series of listener questions before hitting up our usual unpaid endorsements segment.

Listener Question: Volunteer Crews

Listener Questions

Hi Guys thanks very much for putting out a great podcast. Q: When working with filmmakers on a volunteer basis how do you actively encourage them to engage with the project to a professional standard? Just to make things more complicated, I’m working with a collective where I’m the new guy but I’m also producing. I’m locked in with the talent I have, I need them to work but if I lean too heavy they’ll go silent for days/weeks. Any advice greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Hey hey N-A-H, This is a particularly challenging situation, but we’ve got some solid advice in this week’s episode. Thanks for writing in!

Listener Question: Full Time Job?

Listener Questions

I’m a young comedy filmmaker that pays his bills with freelance editing while I direct stuff (one of which was a successful short). Because of said short I got offered a year-long salaried position at a [HUGE] web company to write/direct sketches and web content. Awesome, right? Except I don’t really like the company or what they make, and I’ve had difficult experiences with them in the past. My gut says no, but it’s hard to walk from benefits and decent budgets to do what I love. Advice?

Hi Anon! We answered your question on this week’s episode. Let us know what decision you made!