Just Shoot It Remote Recording Instructions:

CAST link AND Zoom link will be sent a half hour before the recording is to begin. 

We’d love to take a behind the scenes screen cap of our video chat. Let us know if you’d prefer not to! 

HEADPHONES ARE ESSENTIAL. We cannot record the episode if you’re not wearing headphones. 

The Interview: 

We typically chat with our guests for about an hour, plus setup time. 

You don’t need to prepare anything for the bulk of the recording, except for our final segment called Unpaid Endorsements. Each person talks about something cool they’ve found recently. It can be a great book or TV show or even a cool restaurant or filming technique you’ve started using lately, etc. 

Lastly, we would like to be able to introduce you properly on the show, so please send us your bio. Let us know if you have any further questions, otherwise we will see you soon!


We will be video conferencing via ZOOM, but recording our audio via tryca.st. 

You’ll receive a tryca.st link from us shortly before our recording session. Click this link to be taken into the recording session. Even after we finish recording, please don’t close your browser window, as the program may still be uploading. 

Chrome is required for our voice recording system, so please download it before our session.

Please wear headphones, to avoid recording any feedback. 

Find the quietest place you can. Avoid windows or any other places that tend to allow noise into your space. Please be mindful of air conditioners and heaters as well.  

For home recording, here are your options in order of descending preference:

If you have a microphone, a blue yeti or something similar, please plug it in before starting the cast session. You should be prompted on your mic source upon starting your session in cast. 

If you don’t own a microphone, wired earbud headphones (like the ones that came with your iPhone) work surprisingly well! Make sure you’re speaking close to the mic and it’s not rubbing against your shirt or hair.

If you have bluetooth airpods, please make sure they’re paired with your computer and not your phone.  

If you don’t have earbuds that work with your computer, no sweat, our audio engineers will do their best to make your computer mic sound great. Make sure you’re wearing headphones, and try to be as close to your computer as possible.